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You can find and select the products you want to buy by navigating between the different merchandise groups or by selecting a particular designer from the list in alphabetical order.

Availability of the product
The assortment on the filippomarchesani.com site reflects the exact availability of each item, by size and color, since the website is linked to all warehouses where the items are located and all availability data are updated in real time. Filippomarchesani.com reserves the right to confirm the availability of the purchased items as well as to verify the validity of the transaction by credit card and details of previous transactions made by the Customer on filippomarchesani.com. If ordered items are not available, or for some reason the order can not be processed as requested by the Customer, filippomarchesani.com will immediately send a communication to the Customer.

Prices and Currency
All orders are accompanied by an official Euro invoice showing the exact total amount of the purchase as provided by the rules governing international trade. For some countries the item price is displayed in the corresponding currency. The amount actually charged on your credit card or bank account may be subject to variations due to exchange rate fluctuations or bank charges. For more details, we recommend that you contact your bank.

Payment Methods
Filippomarchesani.com accepts the following forms of payment: credit card, PayPal payment and MyBank. Payments on filippomarchesani.com are managed by a secure electronic banking system, provided by Banca Sella. Maximum purchasing security is guaranteed as all transactions are managed by Banca Sella. Filippomarchesani.com Customer Service Operators are by no means authorized to request or accept credit card numbers and / or validity limits. For further details, please visit www.bancasella.it.

Access and transaction security
For secure and secure shopping, filippomarchesani.com uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for transactions. This technology encrypts and protects data sent over the Internet. If SSL is enabled, a padlock will appear at the top of your browser and clicking on it will get information about registering your SSL digital certificate. You will also notice that at the top of the browser the URL will begin with 'https:' instead of the normal 'http:'. This ensures that you are in a protected environment.

Orders will be shipped carefully packed in durable brown cardboard boxes.